Why woman prefer online shopping more than men

Online shopping is very popular nowadays. Most people are preferring shopping online than shopping physically. Shopping online has a lot of advantages such as it is very convenient. For example, you need something but at the same time you will get stuck in heavy traffic if you leave home, so now you can just sit and relax back home after you have ordered your stuff and it will reach your doorstep any other day.

Many online shopping websites now offer so much selection choice which you do not usually get in a nearby store or market. Many online stores are offering their customers free shipping which is a bonus.

1.Women are way more patient than men

When you order something online you will have to wait for the order for some days, weeks or even months. Some online stores provide quick delivery to your doorstep but that is still not as quick as when you get it physically from a store or a market. Men’s patience is more likely to die quicker than a women so they will prefer offline shopping more than online shopping.

2.Men are much more simple minded than women are

Men are usually very casual about what they wear, use or even what they are eating. Men do not like to complicate their lives further when it comes to shopping. This is a reason they will want to buy what they need in the way of going home which will save both time and the need to wait for your order for a long period of time.

Men do not usually like to use the internet for shopping purposes when they have so much more they can do on the internet.

3.Men and women have different decision making powers

An average person is said to make 35000 decision a day. A lot isn’t it. But when you ask who, men or women, make the best decisions we would have to say men. Women spend a lot of time deciding where they want to eat or other small stuff that they get easily confused when it comes to shopping decisions.

Most women will end up buying tons of useless stuff online just because they were bored scrolling through stuff. Some women also use shopping as a stress reliever and being a women I would have to say it definitely works.

  1. It saves time

Most women are busier than men. Life is not that easy for a married women with kids who also is a professional. She is not only responsible of her job but when she returns home she is most likely to do other chores like cooking, cleaning and taking care of her children.

Men usually do not have to multitask like a women has to, every single day. This is also a reason why women will want to shop from their homes rather than shopping offline. In this way they save both their time and energy.