Why people use websites like Quora to find answers to their queries

All over the internet, there are many question and answer sites that are previously popped up and are being used by many internet users to find answer to their queries. People over the internet prefer to Google things and they get the answers to their queries from any such question and answer site like Quora. These websites are very interactive and help many individuals to get in touch and answer their queries.

There are many question and answer sites over the internet but some of them are noticeably popular among them. These websites include Quora through which you can ask a question and people will answer to that query to provide you with a solution, and Yahoo answers on which an individual can ask a question about any topic or also he can add his comment to answer someone else’s question. Other similar question and answer websites include Amazon Askville, AOL Answers, AnswerBag, AskMeHelpDesk, Fixya, Mahalo Answers, Unclue, Unasked, Answerology, and SimplyExplained, etc.

Why people use Question and Answer Websites

Following are some reasons why people prefer to use the question and answer sites rather than surfing it on the internet browsers.

For getting a solution

Many people have some questions or problems which they want to be answered. They use these websites like Quora to get the required suggestions and better solution for their problems. There are some things which are not available on the internet but asking it from other people can help them get the solution to their problem.

For local knowledge

There are some questions that can be answered through the local knowledge or from the specific expertise. You cannot simply Google it to get the answer to that question. The question and answer websites are a best way to search for such local knowledge answers and get interacted with the people who have this specialized expertise which you are looking for to get the answer to your queries.

For getting real people’s opinions and thoughts

These websites of question and answer provide the people an opportunity to have the opinions and thoughts of real time people. They can get interacted with the people through these sites to get their opinions and also to further ask them more questions if needed. On the other hand using other sources on internet to find an answer will not allow them to have an opportunity of asking these people more or getting their opinions by interacting with them.

It is for free

People prefer to use these sites to get the answer to their queries because these sites are free to use. Also most of these sites do not ask you for any subscription or getting member ship. On the other hand, if they use blogs or other article to get the required information, they may require them to get subscription or member ship for the blogs.

Multiple suggestions at one place

People prefer these sites to find the answer to their queries because these sites provide them a platform where they can get multiple suggestions and view of various people just on a single platform. They do not have to search for multiple articles and blogs to get more suggestions.