Tech industries should consider these resolutions for 2019

Every new year people make new resolutions for the new start of the year. At this time companies and other organizations should also consider of making new year resolutions as there are so many issues within the companies. 2018 was the year when major tech companies and other organizations were under the focus of authorities of creating different issues for the employees and also breaking the laws which were being ignored for such a long time.

This is the reason that these powerful companies should consider of making it as a resolution so that no such things will happen. The three resolutions are the following.

The first resolution is that the organizations should stop working with the or supporting the fascist governments throughout the world. Netflix being a strong company has come under pressure when they launched a show of Hassan Minhaj’s Special TV show in which an episode was about the killing of the journalist Jamal Kashogi and the bombing of Yemen which was all linked to Saudi Arabia.

In the response of this Saudi Arabia asked the Netflix company to remove this episode from the platform which the Netflix did. In this episode Hassan Minhaj also talked about the major investments being made from the Saudi regime into the companies of United States of America. The companies which were discussed were Uber, Slack and other major companies, start-ups from the Silicon Valley. This was the reason that the companies as so tied with the Saudi regime that these companies have to consider their saying when it comes to freedom of speech and expressing views in the personal level or in a community level.

There are other cases too in which major companies which are tech related are working with countries like China and Uganda to apply more censorship laws for the internet. These companies are taking the right of the people of having their freedom in the internet.

The second resolution for the tech industry should be that these companies should work on creating a secure environment for the information being passed on by the users. There were many cases where harmful content was thrown into the internet by the hackers due to which many sites were attacked by it and the important information was corrupted.

The third resolution that the tech industry should consider is the following of the rules which are set up for the internet. The tech companies should support the freedom of speech because many people are using their voice to raise so many issues which can be in the line of many people and also are opposed to so many people which should not mean that the content should be removed that certain group of people don’t like the content and is highly insensitive.

Tech industries should create policies which should consider all the communities’ rights around the world so that the internet can be a place of spreading knowledge not hate.