“LinkedIn Live” is another Live Streaming Feature on Social Media

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Update: Introduction of Live Streaming Feature known as ‘LinkedIn Live’

LinkedIn has been introducing new and innovative features to their platform. The platform has changed their user interface which now looks more familiar to the other social media platforms. This is a good thing as people are more directed or interested towards the other social media platforms as how they are well designed. Another great thing LinkedIn adapted is the optimization of the platform in the mobile devices. For so many years the social media platform was not great with the mobile devices like the rest of the platforms so now it has adapted it to attract more users and give a better experience to all the users. The latest update which the social media platform just launched is the Live Streaming. This feature is not new to the world as it has already been adapted by various social media platforms but this is the first time LinkedIn introduced their own version of Live Streaming known as ‘LinkedIn Live’.

The new feature will allow the users to stream live videos of any event happening in the world. Users will have the capacity to share from those events, conferences, Q & A’s and more. LinkedIn is now focusing more on the video category of the social media as this is more influential to the people around the world. The platform stated that it is more likely for the users to share that type content which involves with videos. Due to this LinkedIn has also launched sponsored content through videos. This new update will increase the engagement activity between the users.

LinkedIn Live feature

The LinkedIn Live feature will just be available for US. For now, LinkedIn will only provide this new update for the users who will be given the invitation or the users who will request the invitation to use this new update. Meanwhile, the platform has not provided the proper details regarding the invitation process. There have been different reports stating that the social media platform has been working with the third party live streaming developers in order to help the users to create more good and polished videos. Some of the platforms that are working with LinkedIn for this new update includes Wowza Media Systems, Wirecast, Switcher Studio, Socialive and Brandlive. There will be more media platforms soon to be announced which will take part in this process.

LinkedIn has always been slow in adapting the latest tech trends which are going in the social media world. The Live streaming update is a good move by the platform as feature like this creates more and more ways for the users to interact. Firstly, Facebook launched first following YouTube live streaming trend. Then Instagram opened live video option too. There is a great opportunity for the users to broadcast live to their professional followers. Different reports have shown that the social media platform has now reached up to 610 million people, which is great. LinkedIn still has a lot of potential in terms of adapting new changes which have already been adapted by other social media platforms.