How Social Media Marketing Evolved for Instagram and LinkedIn in 2109

Social media is one of the most popular type of media. Sometimes social media networks make tiny to huge improvements to their platforms, so they do not get out of the social media business industry. They are always looking for tricks that engages their audience and increase their usage demand too. Making such changes take a lot of tests and experiments, and most of all it needs time for a wide-scale social networking site to adopt them.

1.Instagram officially introduced IGTV

Introduction of the new feature called IGTV allows people to watch longer, full-screen vertical videos of their favourite Instagram content creators. Initially IGTV wasn’t as much of a success, it was slow and less adaptive when compared to other features such as the popular Stories. TechCrunch, which include six individuals who are feature’s launch partner creators stated that the, “recent feed videos are getting roughly 6.8X as many views as their IGTV posts.”

2.Instagram introduced stronger shopping features

Instagram has now made it a lot easier to shop directly through their app. This initiative included introducing shopping into Stories. Shopping experience was also aided by introducing a new shopping channel in Explore. Shopping stories initiated in June 2018 and then gradually rolled out globally to 46 countries initially this year.

The new Shopping channel is perfect for shopping lovers. Buy Instagram likes to drive more sales on IGTV videos or posts. It makes online shopping less complicated by providing its users a place where they can go to whenever they feel like shopping. In addition, the content featured by the new Shopping channel in explore is designed in such a way that the user is shown mainly stories according to their style, taste and interest. Users are more likely to receive stories from the shopping brands they are following or the ones they might like.

The Shopping channel on explore has still some work to be done on. It is said testing is being performed on this feature and that it will be rolled out within upcoming few weeks.

3.Instagram introduced Algorithm

In June 2018, Instagram rolled out algorithm to their feed which meant that Instagram users will receive feed according to their interests, recency and relationship. Many myths were also stated by Instagram about how its content ranking was done.

4.Instagram ensures its influencers are given some new features too

buy instagram followersA small group of high profile influencers are being grouped and performed tests on. These tools are exclusive to Instagram influencers. These tools include insights for growth like information on their Instagram followers and who unfollows them. In addition, there are going to be direct message tools that will allow its users to filter direct messages from their business partners and friends. Also, more flexible labels will be provided so that users can choose who can contact them.

5.Instagram launched its countdown clock sticker for their stories

The countdown clock sticker enables its users to a date and time of their will for which they can customise the colour and message on. These stickers can be shared by business accounts for their audience to keep them well informed of different things like product launches or even sales.